The latest information is plentiful!

From 12 o'clock on November 13, 2018, Twitch live broadcast of "LET IT DIE" was carried out.

Information on the event celebrating the 2nd anniversary of "LET IT DIE" delivery and information on "NO MORE HEROES" collaboration are also released. We will introduce the live broadcast information collectively on this page.

"2 Years of Tears!" Held

It was announced that the 2 Years of Tears!

Entries are completed when posting memories of "LET IT DIE" using screenshots, videos, etc. As the best award, it seems that 222 death metal gets.

Details will be announced later on official website.


Prior use of beam katana with naked challenge

In the familiar naked challenge in broadcasting, "Before you collaborate" NO MORE HEROES "Beam Katana is used.

The video actually used is released.


"NO MORE HEROES" Collaboration starts on November 15!

The long-awaited "NO MORE HEROES" collaboration will start from November 15th.

"Beam Katana" as a weapon, Travis' clothes are added for armor.


Multiple collaboration decals are also added.

In Travis' decal the attack power of Machete (Beam Katana) is increased by 20%, when using provocation it is further up 30%. Also, provocation in the state equipped with Machete seems to be a special motion.

Details of the decal seems to be released on the official website later, so check it out too!


Continue free for up to 3 times for the 2nd anniversary commemoration

For the second anniversary, from November 29th to December 4th, it will be possible for Continue to be free up to three times.

Players who have not reached 52F yet will run at once in this period.


Deal item set is also on sale

Black Friday Sale, 2nd Anniversary Memorial Pack etc, luxurious item packs are sold.

Do not miss this opportunity as it is a chance to buy death metal cheaply!


Special login bonus gives you lots of kilcoin & spiritium

"Ultra 3D glass" is given as a special login bonus to celebrate the second anniversary.

It seems that STR and DEX have the effect of up 6% as armor effect.

Also, kilcoin and spiroid can also be 200,000, so be sure to log in during the period.


2nd anniversary calendar information released

An illustration of a calendar commemorating the 2nd anniversary was released.


2nd anniversary update information Summary


In the 2nd anniversary update, there are plenty of additional elements such as breaking the limit of accessories and fighters, adding a big boss to the boss floor.

Both will be added from November 29, so let's arrange the materials for the update.


In the upper layer of the Tenguok area, mass production type of large boss appeared.

In published videos, different colors of Max and Kunyan Yama are appearing. Since the motion which I have not seen so far was also displayed, it seems better to think that a new movement will be added as well.


The hernia's lineup will also be updated, and it will be possible to exchange with high rare material etc.


Besides that, a new decal will be added from November 29th.


Two types of rare weapons that can be purchased in hernia?

From November 29, it seems that two new lineups will be added to rare weapons that can be purchased with vending machines.

I did not talk about details, but wait for the update.

Added 201F or later to Tenguok area

Currently, 202F or later will be added to the Tenguok area where 201F is the summit.

By the way, the total number of times we have reached 201F is 30, of which 18 are from a single player.

Since the player who passed through 18 times wants to contact the official Twitter account, please contact the person concerned.

3rd anniversary event starts on December 20!


The third anniversary event will be started on December 20.

The detailed information was not revealed, but the movie was released instead. In the movie, the appearance that the jackals which had been based on blue so far are dressed in red-black costumes.

Jackals may make further power ups and come back.


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