Event Period: 3/31/2019 (Post Maintenance) – 5/30/2019 02:59 (PDT)

Spring has sprung in the Tower of Barbs! Do you know what that means, senpai?

Eggshrooms are back! Go hunt those eggs and gain some much-needed EXP!

Bronze Eggshroom – Gain EXP (S)


Silver Eggshroom – Gain EXP (M)


Golden Eggshroom – Gain EXP (L)


Eggshroom Effects and Adjustments Begins: 3/31/2019 Post Maintenance

Eggshrooms, including the ones you gathered during the previous Spring Egg Scramble, will have their EXP gain adjusted.

TypeEXP Gained (Pre-adjustment)EXP Gained (Post-adjustment)
Bronze Eggshroom300400
Silver Eggshroom2,0003,000
Golden Eggshroom20,00030,000

Spring Special Quests Event Period: 3/31/2019 (Post Maintenance) – 5/30/2019 02:59 AM (PDT)

Throughout the duration of this event, special “egg hunt” quests will be available! Gather Eggshrooms to complete these quests and earn some sweet rewards! Quest details can be viewed in-game during the event period.

How to accept Quests: By entering the Vanishing Point in the middle of your Waiting Room (the fountain), you will be transported to the HATED ARCADE. There, by talking to Naomi Detox, you can accept Quests from the device next to her. You can also accept quests by using the SUPER SCOPE 703 in your Waiting Room. It is possible to accept up to 10 quests at a time. A quest will remain accepted until it is completed, canceled, or the completion deadline passes.

NOTE Please note that event duration and content may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. [#ve4180ee]

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