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**About Jackals [#oae1c572]
CENTER:&ref(http://letitdiewiki.jp/pic/01/ma10.jpg, nolink);

Jackals is a strong enemy who emerges after a certain time in the same hierarchy even after making &color(red){'' annihilate the enemies of the floor''};

When a big sound like a siren sounds, one of the jackals appears somewhere on the floor. As time elapses, the number of members who appear second and third will increase.

COLOR(red){LV is very high, 200, basically it is the degree of difficulty that the player who has reached the top of 41 F should challenge.};

If we succeed in defeat weapons and armor, rarely drop design drawings.

** Capture method [#l05ff107]
Basically, use Mushrooms to challenge with no assumption that damage will not be received.

When challenging the jackals, we recommend a reverse spray area which can suppress the impact of weapons and weapons. &COLOR(red){Prepare one bowl of rhinoceros, make it safe to handle only with a haiter in a goatical manner};.

If you destroy the enemies of the floor, let's wait for the appearance to hide behind the scenes that are hard to be found in the jackals.

COLOR(red){After the appearance, use the long duration effect time first, then use Skeletake. Let's continue the attack unilaterally within time, paying attention to the effect time.};

*** When using a sniper rifle [#ceee318c]
If you set a decal and a head taker, you can aim for great damage with head shots.

We would like to prepare things of "DUKE - 13 Sniper Rifle" (strengthening third stage).

COLOR(red){Reduction of reloading time, more efficient if multiple weapons are set to avoid damage reduction due to weapon depletion}. If you shoot 4 shots, conscious of switching weapons, you can increase the number of times you can attack within the effective time of Skeletake.

*** On using Raging Bull [#c82b41ea]
You can aim for defeat in a short time by using the decal "Raising Bull" (attack power / defense power is increased by 60% when HP is 15% or less).

Although it is necessary to reduce HP beforehand, circulation efficiency is very good because it can be destroyed by one or two shots when P decal is also repeated.

If it is discovered, if you prepare Yoroiitake as safe securing, you can aim for destruction safely.

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