This page introduces the effects of mushrooms.

The mushrooms growing in the tower of the valve are effective by eating or throwing.

If you eat a type of mushroom that deals enemy damage, you will be damaged by yourself.

|~Use|~Name|~Description|~Effect|~Effect Time|~Cooked Effect|~Cooked Effect Time|~Beast|
|Eat|Heartshroom|The heart-shaped cap of the mushroom restores health when eaten. Its effects increase with heat. It is a delicacy.|Restores HP (M)|Instant|Restores HP (M)|Instant|N/A|
|Eat|Toughshroom|Crystal-like minerals have formed over time. Tough and non-poisonous. Not ideal for eating, but can harden the user temporarily.|Defense DOWN 50%|30 Seconds|Defense DOWN 50%|40 Seconds|N/A|
|Eat|Crushroom|Tough and sinewy, this mushroom increases muscle strength for a short time. Often used for doping, it is delicious when grilled.|Attack Up 50%|30 Seconds|Attack Up 50%|40 Seconds|N/A|
|Throw|Boomshroom|This grenade-shaped mushroom explodes when force is applied. One of the "3 Exploshrooms." It tastes bitter like gunpowder.|Explosion|Impact|Big Explosion|Instant|N/A|
|Eat|Staminungus|Its leg-shaped fungi dissolve fatigue quickly. Once eaten, fatigue will disappear for a short time. Surprisingly tasty.|Infinite Stamina|30 Seconds|Infinite Stamina|40 Seconds|N/A|
|Throw|Fluffy Fungus|Has a round, cotton-like cap, and poisonous spores. Just touching it will put you to sleep. Do not trust its sweet smell.|REM Sleep|20 Seconds|Non-REM Sleep|40 Seconds|N/A|
|Throw|Doomshroom|Contains α-Doomitin poison that induces vomiting. Can be lethal. Releases poison gas as a defense. Heat only enhances the poison.|Deadly Poison|30 Seconds|Lethal Posion|60 Seconds|N/A|
|Eat|Yogashroom|With a turquoise cap, this mushroom aids the user's concentration. It spread from India to the island of South Tokyo. Meaty and tasty.|Yoga Healing|10 Seconds|Yoga Healing +|30 Seconds|N/A|
|Throw|Shockshroom|Cells on the cap contain tiny amounts of electricity. Charges the body when touched or eaten. Numbs mouth, consume with care.|Electric Shock|Impact|High Voltage Shock 650 Dmg|Instant|N/A|
|Throw|Punchshroom|Resembling a fist, the tip contains propulsion parts and explodes when thrown. Known as one of the "3 Exploshrooms." Do not eat.|Rocket Punch|Impact|Big Rocket Punch 1250 Dmg|Impact|N/A|
|Eat|Transparungus|Mysteriously thins the user's body tissue. It escapes danger by erasing its own existence. Flavorless and odorless.|Cloak|15 Seconds|Cloak|20 Seconds|N/A|
|Eat|Guardshroom|Its surface is metallic and inside is hollow. Stiffens the user's body tissue. Rarely seen, heat enhances its properties.|Invincible|30 seconds|Invincible|40 Seconds|N/A|
|Eat|Slowmungus|Has a unique eye-shaped cap and red hyphae that resemble veins. Slows time down. Has an irritating smell.|Slow Down Time|10 Seconds|Slow Down Time|15 Seconds|N/A|
|Throw|Decoyshroom|This pink mushroom studies the DNA of anything that touches it and creates a copy. Weakens the user's nature. Uniquely acidic.|Decoy Bomb|30 Seconds|Decoy Bomb&br;900 Dmg|60 Seconds|N/A|
|Throw|Lavashroom|Contains magma-like parts in the cap. Very light and explodes at the slightest touch. One of the "3 Exploshrooms." Do not eat.|Lava Explosion|Impact|Lava Explosion +|Impact|N/A|
|Throw|Brainshroom|This wrinkly mushroom drastically increases fatigue. Much is still unknown about it as it is so rare. Crispy and flavorless.|Groggy|5 Seconds|Ultra Groggy|10 Seconds|N/A|
|Eat|Gambleshroom|Poisonous when the black side is larger, beneficial when the white side is larger. Tricky to judge with the naked eye.|Use Gamble|Instant|Use Gamble|Instant|N/A|
|Eat|Fun Fungus|Cap is speckled with white warts. Fills user with strange power that repairs their equipment. Meaty texture, very tasty.|Endurance Heal|Instant|Endurance Heal|Instant|N/A|
|Throw|Frongus|Feeds on dead Frogs and contains tear-inducing properties that vaporize when force is applied. Not suitable for eating.|Tear Gas|5 Seconds|Thick Tear Gas|10 Seconds|Frog|
|Eat|Mouseshroom|Feeds on dead Rats and contains stimulating properties that are enhanced with heat. Sweet-smelling and tasty.|Rage Gauge (S)|Instant|Rage Gauge (M)|Instant|Rat|
|Eat|Stingshroom|Feeds on dead Scorpions and named after its stinger-like bump. Increases strength, but makes the body brittle.|Attack Up 100%; Defense Down 50%|30 Seconds|Attack Up 120%; Defense Down 60%|40 Seconds|Scorpion|
|Throw|Fishy Fungus|Feeds on dead Fish. Only the tip can be eaten. This hallucinatory mushroom is smelly but tasty.|Confusion|15 Seconds|Confusion|25 Seconds|Fish|
|Eat|Snailshroom|Feeds on dead Snails. The value of this fragrant mushroom is determined by the number of spirals, and has enzymes that improve immunity to bad statuses.|Flame/Electric/Poison No Effect|60 Seconds|Flame/Electric/Poison No Effect|90 Seconds|Snail|
|Eat|Dragonshroom|Feeds on dead Lizards and contains strange magic that gives infinite ammo for a short time. Chewy but dull in taste.|Inifnite Ammo|10 Seconds|Infinite Ammo|20 Seconds|Lizard|
|Eat|Lifeshroom|Feeds on dead Pillbugs. Revives user and restores a little stamina. As rare as the bugs it feeds on. Tastes citric and sour.|Health Up 25% (On Fatal Damage)|Active|Health  Up 50% (On Fatal Damage)|Active|Pillbug|
|Eat|Vampire Fungus|Feeds on dead Crabs. This coral-like mushroom enables the user to absorb some health when damage is dealt. Hard and tasteless.|Absorb Damage 20%|30 Seconds|Absorb Damage 40%|40 Seconds|Crab|
|Eat|Evershroom|Feeds on dead Turtles. This shroom adds a fatigue effect to attacks, and this is enhanced with heat. Smelly and coarse.|Fatigue Rate Up|20 Seconds|Fatigue Rate Up|30 Seconds|Turtle|
|Eat|Oakshroom|Feeds on dead Birds and momentarily improves explosive power of the next attack. Brittle and best eaten as a soup.|Attack Up 100%|Next Attack Only|Attack Up 150%|Next Attack Only|Bird|
|Throw|Croakstool|Feeds on dead Golden Frogs and has enhanced tear-inducing properties. With a smelly gelatin tip, it is not to be eaten.|Thick Tear Gas +|30 Seconds|N/A|N/A|Golden Frog|
|Eat|Golden Mouseshroom|Feeds on dead Golden Rats and directly stimulates the brain, increasing aggression. Surprisingly tasty.|Rage Gauge (L)|Instant|N/A|N/A|Golden Rat|
|Eat|Golden Stingshroom|Feeds on dead Golden Scorpions and is more potent than the Stingshroom. Looks deadly but is extremely tasty.|Attack Up 200%; Defense Down 80%|60 Seconds|N/A|N/A|Golden Scorpion|
|Throw|Golden Fishy Fungus|Feeds on dead Golden Fish and is more potent than the Fishy Fungi. A true delicacy with soft, moist flesh.|Confusion|60 seconds|N/A|N/A|Golden Fish|
|Eat|Golden Snailshroom|Feeds on dead Golden Snails and aids the nervous system and relieves pain. Feels good to eat but has no taste.|Flame/Electric/Poison No Effect|120 Seconds|N/A|N/A|Golden Snail|
|Eat|Golden Dragonshroom|Feeds on dead Golden Lizards and more potent than the Dragonshroom, this striking shroom is chewy but tasteless.|Infinite Ammo|40 Seconds|N/A|N/A|Golden Lizard|
|Eat|Golden Lifeshroom|Feeds on dead Golden Pillbugs. Revives user and restores all stamina. Incredibly rare and has a sharp mint taste.|Health Up 100% (On Fatal Damage)|Active|N/A|N/A|Golden Pillbug|
|Eat|Golden Vampire Fungus|Feeds on dead Golden Crabs. Its tip is red with blood absorbed from other animals. Also known as the "brute," and tastes bad.|Absorb Damage 100%|90 Seconds|N/A|N/A|Golden Crab|
|Eat|Golden Evershroom|Feeds on dead Golden Turtles and contains more fatigue properties than the Evershroom. Smelly but tasty.|Fatigue Rate Up|60 Seconds|N/A|N/A|Golden Turtle|
|Eat|Golden Oakshroom|Feeds on dead Golden Birds, and is more potent than the Oakshroom. Very brittle, and tasty if made into soup.|Attack Up 300%|Next Attack Only|N/A|N/A|Golden Bird|
|Eat|Bronze Skillshroom|Contains bronze, and resembles a human face. Trade these with Momoko Yamada for Skill Stickers. Smells and tastes bad.|+500 XP|Instant|N/A|N/A|N/A|
|Eat|Silver Skillshroom|Contains silver, and has anti-bacterial effects. Trade these with Momoko Yamada for Skill Stickers. No effects when eaten.|+500 XP|Instant|N/A|N/A|N/A|
|Eat|Gold Skillshroom|Rare and contains gold, seen as a symbol of the sun. Trade these with Momoko Yamada for Skill Stickers. Not for eating.|+500 XP|Instant|N/A|N/A|N/A|
|Eat|Bronze Eggshroom|This southern Boomshroom enhances already latent skills and abilities. Its firm flesh resists heat and has a metallic and slightly sweet taste.|+300 XP|Instant|N/A|N/A|N/A|
|Eat|Silver Eggshroom|A more ripened Bronze Eggshroom. Enhances skills even more. Its firm flesh resists heat, and has a unique metallic and sweet taste.|+2000 XP|Instant|N/A|N/A|N/A|
|Eat|Gold Eggshroom|A fully ripened Bronze Eggshroom. Greatly enhances skills. Its soft flesh resists heat, and has a metallic and very sweet taste.|+20,000 XP|Instant|N/A|N/A|N/A|
|Eat|Red Stingshroom|Grows in the nutrient-rich corpses of Red Scorpions. Similar to Stingshroom, but weaker. Smells coppery. Tastes awful.|Attack Up 75%|25 Seconds|Attack Up 75%|35 Seconds|Red Scorpion|
|Eat|Umbrella Rib Fungus|Useless little fungus that looks like an umbrella. Same properties as a Transparungus, but weakened by poison. Dry and nasty.|Invisible / reduce HP**|12 seconds|Invisible/ reduce HP|15 seconds|N/A|
|Throw|False Brainshroom|Brainshroom impostor. The cap consists of self-replicated copies. Emits toxic spores when damaged. Tastes rubbery.|May cause Groggy|5 Seconds|May cause Groggy|10 Seconds|N/A|
|Eat|Cateye Shroom|Subspecies of Slowmungus. Reminiscent of a cat eye. Vision effects weakened by defensive poison. Chewy and gross.|Slowmo/reduce HP**Unstackable.*Really dangerous damage (-40~% max HP)|7 Seconds|Slowmo/reduce HP|11 Seconds|N/A|
|Throw|Boleoshroom|Grows on nutrient-rich corpses of Goggly Boleos. Known to release toxic spores when damaged. Tastes fishy and gross.|Possible Confusion|15 Seconds|Possible Confusion|25 Seconds|Goggly Boleo|
|Eat|Ricebowl Shroom|The "grains of rice" are actually powerful, swollen Heartshroom-esque healing components. Tastes better than most mushrooms.|Restores HP (L)|Instant|Restores HP (XL)|Instant||
|Sell|Bronze Parasol Shroom|A rare bronze parasol-like mushroom requiring hot and humid conditions to grow. Rock hard. Metallic odor. Inedible.|Sell for cash (S)(1000kc)/eaten for 100xp|Instant|N/A|N/A|N/A|
|Sell|Silver Parasol Shroom|A valuable mushroom with a silver cap. Very shiny. Rock hard. Metallic odor. Inedible. Eating it has no effect on the human body.|Sell for cash (M)|Instant|N/A|N/A|N/A|
|Sell|Golden Parasol Shroom|A valuable mushroom with a gold cap. Very shiny. Rock hard. Metallic odor. Inedible. Eating it has no effect on the human body.|Sell for cash (L)|Instant|N/A|N/A|N/A|
|Eat|Helmetshroom|Has a distinctive metallic cap. Contains minerals hardening body tissues, like the Guardshroom, but less concentrated.|Invincible/ Reduced armor durability loss. Unstackable.|12 Seconds|Invincible/ Reduced armor durability loss. Unstackable.|15 Seconds|N/A|
|Eat|Bronze Pumpkinshroom|A mushroom that grows on top of pumpkins. Contains a strong stimulant. Metallic smell. Sweet and with a good bite to it.|Rage Gauge (S)|Instant|N/A|N/A|N/A|
|Eat|Silver Pumpkinshroom|More grown Pumpkinshroom. Has a silver shimmer. Has an even stronger stimulant. Metallic smell. Sweet and firm.|Rage Gauge (M)|Instant|N/A|N/A|N/A|
|Eat|Golden Pumpkinshroom|Fully grown Pumpkinshroom. Has a golden shimmer. Has the strongest stimulant of all Pumpkinshrooms. Also the sweetest and firmest.|Rage Gauge (L)|Instant|N/A|N/A|N/A|
|Eat|Bronze Snowcap|Mushroom from the Tower of Barbs. Covered in snow to the point that it looks like a mini snowman. Restores durability a bit.|50 Durability Recovery|Instant|N/A|N/A|N/A|
|Eat|Silver Snowcap|Mushroom from the Tower of Barbs. Covered in snow to the point it looks like a mini snowman.|? Durability Recovery|Instant|N/A|N/A|N/A|
|Eat|Golden Snowcap|Mushroom from the Tower of Barbs. Covered in snow to the point it looks like a mini snowman.|? Durability Recovery|Instant|N/A|N/A|N/A|
|Eat|Splattershroom|Gains Bloodnium.|Bloodnium (S) 10|Instant|N/A|N/A|N/A|

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