This page,Introducing 3F to 6F strategies.

**Capture List [#ef1457e1]
We will introduce the necessary points to climb from 3F to 6F.


***1・Strengthening equipment [#hba23d85]
The next boss is stronger than A, so if you want to fight safely, strengthen your equipment.

If you have confidence in your arms you can go straight.

***2・Purchase Fighter [#l2c2cb44]
By reaching 6F, let's create a striker type fighter in the refrigerator, as a new fighter type "striker" has been released.

***3・JIN-DIE Defeat [#f9b437b2]
Let's defeat the boss with reference to [[JIN―DIE]].

If you pick up any weapon you can beat enough, so you can postpone the reinforcement of the equipment.

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