*Let It Die Guide Page[#qb249ac2]
This site posts the capture information of the game "Let It Die" currently being distributed on steam.

Download from the link below and play "LET IT DIE"!

[[⇒Download it here!>https://store.steampowered.com/app/794600/LET_IT_DIE/]]

**Game NEWS Info [#b3eddc17]
-[[Tower Of Barbs Uncapping Event: 1/30/2020–2/28/2020]]
-[[Tower Of Barbs Uncapping Event 1/30/2020–2/28/2020]]
-[[Winter Whiteout 1/6/2020–3/1/2020]]
-[[New Player Welcome Bonuses Extended!]]

**wiki Info [#ed8a9577]
-[[+15~+19 Armor List]]
-[[+15~+19 Weapon status]]
-[[breaking fighter MAX status(Lv40)]]

**Pickup Page [#t0504765]
●Jackal X D Weapon&Armor
-[[Jackal Sword D>Weapon List/Jackal Sword D]]
-[[Jackal X D Series>Armor List/Jackal X D Series]]

●Jackal Y D Weapon&Armor
-[[Jackal Blaster D>Weapon List/Jackal Blaster D]]
-[[Jackal Y D Series>Armor List/Jackal Y D Series]]

●Jackal Z D Weapon&Armor
-[[Jackal Yo―Yo D>Weapon List/Jackal Yo―Yo D]]
-[[Jackal Z D Series>Armor List/Jackal Z D Series]]

●4 FORCEMEN Capture

**Main Page [#k9cbbf15]
|・[[COEN]]|・[[Weapon List]]|・[[Materials]]|
|・[[JIN―DIE]]|・[[Armor List]]|・[[Blueprints]]|
|・[[GOTO―9]]|・[[+5Weapon List]]|・[[Beast]]|
|・[[U―10]]|・[[+5Armor List]]|・[[Mushroom]]|

**Beginner's guide [#g7dde1f3]

**Season7 Map [#u4751eb6]

**What is 『Let It Die』? [#u956c7dc]
Develope GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE , Action RPG with element of roguelike and hack slash.

Basic free, solo content centered game.

Strengthening the equipment, playing the dungeon just to play games.

**Video [#w48106c2]

**Partner Japan WIKI [#y10c3363]
It is a site that cooperates to provide and share data etc.

-[[LET IT DIE wiki>http://letitdiewiki.jp/index.php?Top]]

**Media [#gbd90284]
-[[Official Youtube>https://www.youtube.com/user/GungHoAmerica]]

**Game information [#baa862ab]
|Title|LET IT DIE|
|Genre|Survival action|
|Online|Asynchronous type Online|
|Price|Basic free|
|Release|Gungho Online Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.|

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