This page explains about beasts.

What is "Beast"?

The beast that appears in the tower of the valve can recover HP by eating.

Also, when you kill you change to mushrooms, its effect will also change.

See the mushroom page for the effect of killing.


How to capture animals

All animals can caught by squatting and pressing the button.

If you press the button while standing up, it will kill you by stepping on and let's be careful. The dead animals turn into mushrooms and have no effect on HP recovery. When capturing animals for HP recovery, be sure to capture them alive.

Some animals, such as scorpions and crabs, can not be captured unless they have stepped on by trampling with the button. If you can not capture by pressing the button, let's get stomped and let it faint.

※When equipped with some weapons such as a butterfly knife, it stings instead of stepping on. When stepping on, let's switch equipped weapons

How to catch a snail

A snail that generates poisonous fog around it is a particularly annoying one among animals.

Sprinkling poisons around them, they become poisoned if they are in the poisonous fog for a certain period of time.

When you capture you approach in a hurry, catch it to a bag, or eat it will not be poisoned. If you tread on the spot you will faint and the poison fog will cease, so if you are concerned about crouching and getting close then let's faint and catch it once.

However, the snail that sticks to the wall can not be captured by that.

Let's use other animals to capture the snail sticking to the wall. When you throw a living animal toward a snail, it temporarily faints and the poison stops. If you are sticking to the wall, it will be a chance to capture as it falls to the ground.

Remember to recover the animals you used to throw again, as you can capture again.

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