This page explains about TDM.

What is TDM?

TDM is one of the big online elements in "LET IT DIE". It is aimed at getting to the base of other players and robbing kilcoin and Spiroith.

Here, we will explain the basic playing methods and tips of TDM and the points for efficiently proceeding.

Advantages of TDM

Raid is an element that I want to actively do from the beginning because kilcoin, spirole are efficiently available.

Especially it is more efficient to earn with raids than to obtain it by defeating a haiter or a hunter in "valve tower".

In order to do raiding, since it goes via the "Metro Front", we will actively extend the possession upper limit of kilcoin and spiroit together with raid.

About TDM rank

The TDM rank is a grade that rises as the raid is successful.

Failure to attack / defense will decrease TDM points. Also, every Monday the sub-rank goes down, the diamond 3 in the case of the diamond 1, the platinum 3 in the case of the platinum 1, the start from the sub-rank 3 respectively.

When the season finishes, down two (down to rank of diamonds → gold rank, gold rank → bronze rank) from the rank at the end of the season.

According to rank at Monday at 19 o'clock, you can earn kilcoin, spiro lithia, something you forget. Also, the more attacks a high-ranked opponent, the bigger the bonus at attack and defense success becomes.

In this case, since the rank of the opponent is referenced for the rewards that can be earned, even if he attacks a bronze 3 opponent when he is ranked in diamond 1, for example, only 800 Killcoin · Spiroith is obtained as a reward. Even with low rank hunting, efficiency gets worse.


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