This page,Floor Boss Max capture information is posted.

Point of Max strategy

· Since the boss fight enemy war before World War II, it is safe to prepare recovery items in advance
· We'd like to challenge weapons and protective gears after strengthening what is available at that time
· Since the avoidance speed becomes important for the boss fight, no-lock recommendation

Boss Information

NameMax Sharp
Emergence floor10F;OMENO - SOTO
Drop itemsD.O.D. ARMS Blue Metal

Features of Max

For the boss fight of 10 F, I have to go to the top car by moving the train which keeps running before fighting Max.

There are gimmick-filled vehicles and a number of enemies in the road. Avoid battle as much as possible so as not to reduce the durability value of weapons and armor, aim at the top car.

Capture Point

It is better to basically ignore the enemy and push the train movement before the boss war.

As well as being able to reduce the durability values ​​of weapons and armor, there is also a high possibility of getting heavy damage by installed gimmicks. If you grasp even the route it will be easier to advance to the boss fight, so if you do not want to suffer a pain, you should go to preliminary inspection with a lower level fighter in advance.

How to capture train movement

There are several routes in the way of moving a train, but in the following we will introduce the safest route.

In addition, if you fall on the track while you are traveling the train, you will not be over the game, just restore it to the starting point with a little damage and let it rest assured. When surrounded by enemies and there is no way to escape, starting over from the starting point is also effective as an emergency measure.

Go up to the top of the train

When entering into the car from the start point, enemies are united at the end of a narrow road, but let's ignite it by guiding it to a wide place. Since it is one to one here, you can kill it.

Let's go up the train from the foundation on the left hand as you pass through the car.


Jump to container

When climbing the top of the train, let's run to the point of the image circle and move. It is relatively safe to go from the left side.


If you can run through, jump to the container as it is and let's get on.

Jump to the next train

After moving to the top of the container, wait for a while until the next train approaches. Since there are cases where the enemies will follow from behind, you run away and intercept or take time.

Let's jump with a dash jump as the train is approaching. The landing point is not the connected part of the train, but the top part of the train with the image circle.


Jump toward container

If you jump while the train is moving sideways the flight distance will not increase and you may not be able to jump to the container. If you fail, you only have to go from the bottom, so wait for a while after moving to the top of the train.

Jump to the container at the place where the train is adjacent, and transfer.


Note the round saw trap

Continue to the end of the container and then get inside the car after getting off.

There are two round traps of traps in this room, and if you touch it you will get damaged continuously. Depending on the location, you will continue to get damaged without escaping, so let's proceed with this car carefully.

Fortunately, because the speed of Maru Noko is slow, it is not difficult to avoid it if you proceed carefully.


Downward from the hole in the upper part of the vehicle

As I rise above the car of the round saw trap, I will fly again to the next train.

There is a hole in the ceiling of the jumped vehicle, so let's drop down carefully as it can get down.


Since the rotary blade is moving immediately near the falling point, so that it falls aiming at the moment when the rotary blade has passed. After falling, avoid ○ with ○ button and leave immediately from the rotary blade.

Attention to flamethrower

A trap that blows out flame radiation is installed in the vehicle next to the vehicle with the rotary blade.

Please proceed rapidly from the rotating blade's vehicle, and if you try to enter the interior of the car as it is likely to be damaged, be careful. It is safe to enter the car at the timing when flame radiation stops once.


Going ahead, there are points that you can move to the right side of the car. Let's jump at the timing when the next train is adjacent.


The last point before the boss war

After moving to the next train, we will move again soon.

Guillotine is installed in the entrance and exit of the next car, and if you touch it you will get minor damage. As you jump, the guillotine goes down and aim for the timing to go up.


There are two enemies in the car, but you can kill the enemies here. Animals are often placed in this car and there is a possibility that recovery can be done before the boss war.

If you get damaged by the move so far, try defeating the boss game after defeating the enemies and recovering HP. There are times when animals are not arranged, so ignore them and proceed ahead.

Max Cheats

The stage fighting Max is enclosed by an electric fence and is to be damaged when touching it. I want to turn as far as possible not to get close to the edge.

Keeping the middle distance constantly during battle.

Max attacks are highly inductive, and the possibility of hitting when approaching is high. Let's keep the middle distance easy to avoid attacks and aim at the gap after Max's attack.

It's safe to dash at the stage of entering the attacking behavior because all attacks can be avoided if they are running. It is difficult to avoid it if locked on, so no-lock recommended.

Although it depends on the weapon type, two attacks are taken after the avoidance, but if you leave behind you put 3 embarks, it will be hard to get a counterattack.

movement pattern

Drill injection

Attack to eject the left arm drill.

If you touch it, it will suffer continuous damage and the durability value of armor will be greatly reduced.

Double shots of drill

An attack that pierces the drill in order of the right arm and the left arm. Because it gets blown away when it receives damage, it easily hits the electric fence.

2 Because the inductivity before entering the shoot is high, so that you do not get cautioned even if you avoid one shot.


Attack that strikes the fist on the ground and gives shock waves to a wide range.

Let's not approach soon as we will attack 4 consecutive times. Since the attack judgment spreads for the 3rd to 4th shock waves, it is necessary to keep a sufficient distance.


It will be activated when HP becomes around 50%.

Attack which rushes while piercing the drill of the right arm.

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