This page,Boss WHITE STEEL capture information is posted.

Points I would like to know first

Even if we lose, the loss is only for the challenge cost

When you lose the battle with White Steel, you can do the resurrection in the refrigerator with free

Despite consumption of equipment used, it is nice that the cost of returning is zero.

Forced defeat at time over

If it can not be defeated within the time limit, it will result in Death

 nolink & br;
~ Difficulty~ time limit
Normal3 minutes
Hard4 min
Nightmare3 minutes 30 seconds

Kill over forcefully on Continue

Even if you simply lose the beating or become dead due to a timeout, you can use instant revival

It is ant to select Continue when it is absolutely necessary to defeat the game because the time limit is also returned as it is with the opponent's physical strength.

Block the effect of a powerful mushroom!

Mushrooms with effects such as transparency and invincibility. White Steel has the skill to &color(red){ nullify } these effects.


Although some mushrooms, such as increasing attack power, can be effective as usual, mushrooms that have been brought to the fore as boss countermeasures can not be used substantially. It is also necessary to thoroughly examine the attack and suppress the damage.

Attack without overlooking provocation!

White Steel takes actions like provoking this frequently during battle.

&color(red){ Unprotected } until the end of the operation; so let's definitely go get some damage.


Attack pattern of White Steel

Spikey Crusher

In a melee attack swaying the weapon on the right hand, when receiving the first stage consecutive hits up to the third row

Although it is the most powerful attack, there is little danger because it can be avoided by leaving a bit. However, when going easily to hunt for gaps, they will be hurt because they are outdated.

 nolink & br;

Electrocutaneous massager (long distance)

An indirect attack that skips electric bullets from the left hand weapon.

The power of one shot is reasonably high, but if you walk sideways Dodge all }

▲Even while eating mushrooms it can be avoided. & br;

Electric shock massager (medium distance)

Attack by emitting a lightning shock fan. Although the range is shortened, Range and attack early threats.

It is difficult to distinguish the long distance version from the initial movement, and it tends to hit sideways and get hit. In that case, escape quickly out of range and suppress damage.


To beat White Steel

Puncturely pierced in regular fashion

Except for some strategies, let's attack attack on White Steel only when doing a provocative motion.

White Steel is in a state of super armor (not fearful even if attacking) state during attack, so it only suffers a pain even if this attacks. It is safer and more efficient to fight cautiously without forcibly attacking.

If you can do it well you can beat almost without damage, but There is a high possibility that it will time out if the fire power is insufficient.

If you feel that there is insufficient thermal power, let's use Dokubaritake while insuring with Odangogata.

Timing is when the enemy is doing an attack that will emit lightning I recommend it. Since the attack continues for a certain period of time, we can eat mushrooms safely if a certain distance is apart at the start of the attack.

& br;

What level and equipment are necessary to beat down?


I made a star 4 shooter with an unreinforced sabble (Tier3), and even if I fight carefully, I could beat it with about 2

It seems to be said that if a player who is capturing the level above the 25th floor can destroy without problems.


With 5 stars shooter equipped with Muramaso + 4, the damage at one blow is about 350 to 500. It was confirmed that if you combine decals and Dokubaritake, it will damage about 800 ~ 1,200.

Because there are some opportunities to attack, 41F is not an enemy who can not be defeated if it is already a reached player. If you have a decal such as Muramasi and Barbarian, you can also defeat it in no-content.

※ Because there is no level in White Steel, the decal "Giant Killing" does not show its effect.

Although it is also effective to use the decal of "Bull", "Raging Bull" to defeat with high fire power, it is difficult to completely avoid fan-shaped electric shocks, and HP is often scraped.

When using the relevant decal, let's eat Odangoda in advance so that you can follow it.


Behavior and other things are the same as hard, so the tactics itself is no problem with similar actions.

Because attack and defense and HP are increasing more than hard, prepare a powerful weapon such as Muramaso + 4 after arranging the decals, or in the "Hockey Stick" where the strengthening of the 4th step was released I need to challenge.

If you fight with keeping down the risk, you will be able to reduce the number of contests.

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