This page,Floor Boss COEN capture information is posted.

Points of COEN capture

· Use of products produced from recipes is desirable for weapons and armor
· People not familiar with preparing several recovery items (animals)
· Since there is an elevator in front of the boss, raise the level and then challenge

Boss Information

Appearance floor3F TAMATA (Tamata)
Dropitem D.O.D. ARMS Blue Metal

Features of COEN

Coen has a narrow field of view and loses sight of the player's place unless it attacks for a certain period of time.

Since the base only comes with melee attacks, if you fight carefully you can destroy it without being almost damaged.

Capture point

There are two ways to capture when fighting COEN.

1 · When COEN lost sight of here, surprise 2 · Attack targeting the gap after action

Strategy 1: When COEN loses sight of surprise

Because COEN can not see the eyes, this position is hard to notice unless you give out a sound. Therefore, you can hide easily as you move crouching.

Take advantage of this characteristic and take an attack from behind at the timing when you are away from COEN and lost sight of this. Depending on the type of weapon, you should be able to attack 2 or 3 times before being counterattacked.

COEN will take a distance at the timing of counterattack and continue to escape until losing sight of this will be an opportunity for attack.

If you repeat the flow of attack → escape → attack, the probability of hit is greatly reduced. With this method it will take time, but you should be able to kill it safely.

Strategy 2: Attack targeting the gap after action

In this way, it is necessary to pierce the gap after COEN's attack and damage it. Although there is some danger, it will be easy to defeat once you grasp even the movement.

Since COEN's attacks all have certain gaps after actions, if attacks can be avoided in a short distance it is a great opportunity to attack.

It is necessary to pay attention to stamina management, but if you can grasp even the behavior pattern, you can defeat it in a short time.

The gap after each action is as follows.

  • Two row shots 2 Attack, chances of attack immediately after the left arm was swung down. Depending on the weapon type, you can attack safely one or two times.
  • Beating After the fourth attack is over, it has one or two attack opportunities. When approaching easily in the middle, it is easy to get involved when the attack range of the fourth shock wave spreads.

Since there is no need to hurry, let's get enough distance and approach it after the attack.

  • Rush After avoiding rushes, you can do 3 to 4 attacks from behind.

movement pattern


Put ultrasonic waves throughout the field and search for the location of the player.

When the boss appears, it is first used as a confirmation. After that, activate it if you lose sight of this position.

*Two rows of vertical swing

Activate when you are at COEN's short distance.

Attack which swings down to the ground in order of the right arm and the left arm. Since the range of attack is narrow, it is a great opportunity to attack after action.


Attack that strikes the fist on the ground and gives shock waves to a wide range.

Let's not approach soon as we will attack 4 consecutive times. Since the attack judgment spreads for the 3rd to 4th shock waves, it is necessary to keep a sufficient distance.


It will be activated when HP becomes around 50%.

Attacks rushing towards the front. Let's watch the enemy 's behavior as waving the left arm sideways will be a rush signal.

If you hit directly from the front you will receive multiple damage, so after HP is less than half down, do not stand on the front as much as possible.

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