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Points of Gun Kan Yama Capture

· If you want to win comfortably, prepare a large amount of Yoroiitake, Dokubaritake
· Weapons must always prepare things of ☆ 4

Boss Information

Emergence floor40 F FUTAGI
Drop ItemM.I.L.K. Red Metal

Characteristics of Gun Kan Yama

As for the boss game of 40 F, the battle in a special stage will be the same as before as well.

In the case of 40 F, you will fight 4 enemies with all your belongings confiscated. Let's fight from preparing enough equipment without missing out on equipment and mushrooms in order to be the final race.

Capture Point

Since the equipment of the hand can not be used in the event game of the first half, purely player skill is required.

Although the second game against Gun Kan Yama is similar to U - 10, there is a high possibility that the overall status will be high and will be a long - term battle. Let's strengthen weapons and armor to the maximum and challenge, or prepare a lot of mushrooms and fight.

● Effective mushrooms · About 8 Yoroiutake · About 8 Dokobaritake

How to capture sumo confrontation

In the first half of the sumo showdown, Gun Kan Yama makes a bombardment and gets heavy damage when falling from the circular field regardless of enemies or ally. Be careful not to push it out to the enemy.


Sumo confrontation is 4 times in all.

First time: fighter of bare hands 2nd: Fighter with weapons Third time: fighter wearing armor Fourth time: COEN

Even if fighters of the 1st to 3rd times are fighting with bare hands, it will take too long, so let's use Rage Move and instantly knock out from the field. You can definitely drop it if you activate Raji Move around the edge of the area.

If dropped it can be defeated by bombardment, but in rare cases there are fighters coming back to the field, so in that case it is likely to go out like Rage Zube in the same way.

▲If you dropped it in Rage Move
▲Can be destroyed by Gun Kan Yama's bombardment

When the rage gauge runs out, it is easy to drop off if you attack by attacking the enemy until it reaches the edge of the area.

About Gun Kan Yama's artillery

Gun Kan Yama's bombardment when falling outside the area is a deviation bombardment that goes ahead in the direction of escape. Therefore, even if you run as it is after being bombarded, escape it will get caught up in an explosion without escaping.

The avoidance method also has the option of running in the opposite direction when a shelling starts and stopping until the bombardment starts. Either way, let alone deal with it because you can not run away just by running around.

COEN Battle

Let's take advantage of weapons dropped by the enemy, as it is tough with bare hands in the war against COEN.

Since weapons can be picked up from the fighter who fought for the second time, let's go pick up weapons after being prepared for being fired. Once weapons are picked up, COEN itself has no physical strength so it can be beaten quickly.


When fighting COEN, let's act like always turning behind. As you get attacked you will be blown out of the area so you want to try to fight as close to the center as possible.

Gun Kan Yama cheats

Gun Kan Yama will act like an enhanced version of U - 10 as you can see.

Damage passes only through the body part and the tip part of the tail. Trying to attack only the tip of the tail takes too much time, so try to attack the body part when you can aim.

The one I want to watch is Gun Kan Yama's bombardment.

I will use two types of bombs and iced bullets, both of which are very troublesome and I want to avoid hitting directly. Let's prepare to avoid avoiding Gun Kan Yama when it gets bombardment.

▲This position is a signal of shelling

Even if you can understand even action patterns you can avoid it, it is very difficult to escape from all attacks reliably.

If reinforcement of armor is not in time or if you want to win easily, try using mushrooms to win.

About the use of mushrooms

It is recommended to use mushrooms, Yoroi-Take and Dokobaritake.

Skeletake is also effective, but when it comes to long-term battles, I feel a bit of anxiety about the short duration skeletake. In that respect, Yoroiutake has a long effect time, and its acquisition difficulty is also lower than Skeletake, so this one is more useful in boss fighting.

Since Mikiritake is not able to completely stop movement, the tip of the tail is hard to target. Considering the difficulty of obtaining, use is not so realistic.

movement pattern


An attack that ejects ammunition that creates a blast in the surroundings.

After the gunfire setting, say "Doscoe!" This shell is shot.

Just as in the case of Sumo battle, let's run in the opposite direction before shelling so as to fly deviation shoot aiming at the destination of this escape.

Ice bullet

Behavior to inject multiple shells that freeze the ground together.

As to how to judge as a usual bombardment, when the gunfire is settled, Gun Kan Yama will say "Doscoy!" And freeze bullet will be ejected.

Although there is no damage judgment on this attack itself, it will be temporarily stopped just by touching the frozen part. Since there is a high possibility of hitting subsequent attacks, if you were bombarded, jump and avoid it.

Since ice will remain for a certain period of time, so that it does not come close to the frozen part even after avoiding it once.


Maximum Laser

Attack by which Gun Kan Yama radiates a very thick laser.

Let's get away from the laser instantaneously as it continues to be damaged continuously when touching the laser. Also when turning behind and attacking, be careful as you will be caught up in the laser judgment if moving forward.



Attack that jumps high on the spot and shock waves are blown to the surroundings when landing.

This shock wave spreads throughout the area, so jump over with a jump as the wave approaches.



Attack attacking while moving at high speed.

Let's make payment quickly and damage so let's not stop near Gun Kan Yama.

Rush An attack that keeps running running as if drawing a circle for a certain time in the area while wearing a blue flame.

Because the trajectory is difficult to read and the damage is great, if you activate it, guard it on the spot or let it run and run away.

Tail attack

Attack that leaps the tail from the ground and swings around.

During this attack, Gun Kan Yama body is tied up because the tail is buried in the ground.

If you are running it will not hit first, so if you can afford, let's attack the body part.

Beat on the tail

Attack attacking the tail towards the front.

Because the reach is long, let's avoid running without getting stuck. If you can avoid it, because the tail has been stretched for a certain period of time it is a chance to aim the tip of the tail.

Tail swinging around

Activated when you are near Gun Kan Yama.

Attack that swings the tail forward a lot. If you are at the front, be sure to hit, so hurry and go down to the back behind Gun Kan Yama.

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