This page,Floor Boss JIN-DIE capture information is posted.

Points of JIN-DIE strategy

· I want to strengthen weapons in several stages
· Behavior is more troublesome than Cohen and check action pattern beforehand!
· Boss strictly prohibited, difficult to win if carefully challenged

Boss Information

Drop ItemWar Ensemble Blue Metal

Features of JIN―DIE

Jindai (JIN - DIE) aims at here with a laser, and enemies who will inject bombs and others.

As it deals damage, it will run away with warp, so after the attack you should reconfirm the position of the enemy. Even without giving damage, frequent warping is done and the place is changed, and in the state being discovered, it is often warped behind.

Once it gets attacked it is difficult to get out, so try not to get as damaged as possible.

There are three types of lasers that Gin Dai always emits: green, yellow, and red.

Green: A state losing sight of here Yellow: alert condition Red: Discovery, Attack Stance

Capture point

When fighting against Jindai, let's act from the four pillars as a base point. Since they will not be attacked if they are hidden behind the pillars, I always want to walk around the pillars while checking the position of the enemies.

There are two attack opportunities. Either method is limited as a prerequisite if there are Jindai near the pillar. If you are far from the pillar, let's wait adultly hiding and warping.

Attack Chance 1: Take behind the Jindai Opportunity 2: Targeting when you are working with gaps

Attack Chance 1: Take behind the Jindai

One of the offensive opportunities is how to take behind the Jindai.

When a long time passes while being discovered in Jindai, there is no chance of attacking and attacking over and over again. Therefore it is safer and more reliable to run and take the back and hit the first. Jindai gets warped if you give damage, so there is almost no worry of being counterattacked.

If the opponent has already shifted to the attacking motion, there is a possibility of being counterattacked even if it gives damage.

Opportunity 2: Targeting when you are working with gaps

Another attack opportunity is a method that aims at the gap that Jindai is doing to scratch the body.

Although Jindai acts to scratch his body from time to time, he does not attack during this action. Therefore, this is the opportunity to unilaterally attack.

However, the time to perform this operation is short, and there is a high possibility that it will be counterattacked if the attack timing is late. If you are away from Jindai, it is not a good idea to attack even if you do this.

After reducing HP by about 60%

When HP decreases to about 25%, Jindai escapes to the upper part of the area. Once you escape to the top you will not come back down, so you have to go up to the top with risk.

If it is troublesome to go up, use special weapons' special attacks and let them overthrow before going up. Use special attacks immediately before the HP gauge turns yellow, and it is easy to succeed if you force it firmly.

After moving to the upper area

If you can not save the ginkgo in the lower layer, you need to go up to the top and destroy it.

If you are running it will not hit the attack of Gin Dai, so let's rush up to the top while paying attention to the stamina. When climbing up the stairs, I hid behind the pillars of the image and restored the stamina.

movement pattern


Moving means mainly used by Jindai (JIN - DIE).

After disappearing as it melts on the ground, it reappears from another place. When you are seen, you are often taken behind.

When HP decreases to around 25%, it warps to the upper part of the area and escapes.

Bullet injection

Attacks that bullets are ejected at high speed.

It is dangerous to stop as soon as it is discovered because it will be injected immediately after discovering it.

There is no chance of getting hit if you are running, but it is troublesome that there is a high possibility of getting damaged continuously if you hit it even once.

The fear time after hit is long, and it is difficult to get out if a bullet is ejected again in the meantime. If you can not avoid it immediately, it may be damaged 4 to 5 times in a row continuously, so I want to avoid it certainly.

Bomb ejection

A bomb is injected after the charge time.

Rolling on the ground, exploding extensively in a few seconds. If you hit directly, you will get huge damage, so I would like to never hit it.

Because there are times when the bomb is hidden behind the pillar, after this attack I want to avoid approaching the enemy until the explosion.

Muddy stream

An attack that launches a muddy stream like a laser for a long time in a linear manner.

It is rare to use, but its power is amazing. Once it hits, it is difficult to get out until the attack is over, durability value of armor is also greatly reduced as well as HP reduction.

However, if you can avoid it, it will be unprotected during the attack so it's a great counterattack opportunity.

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