This page,Boss RED NAPALM capture information is posted.

Points I would like to know first

The basic system is the same as White Steel.

However, there are some changes such as invalidation method of mushrooms, so be careful.

Even if we lose, the loss is only for the challenge cost

When you lose the battle with Red Napalm, you can do the resurrection in the refrigerator with Free

Despite consumption of the equipment used, the cost for return is zero.

Forced defeat at time over

If it can not be defeated within the time limit, it will result in Death

~ Difficulty~ time limit
Normal3 minutes
Hard4 min
Nightmare2minutes 30

Field changes as time passes

The place to fight Red Napalm is a wider field than the White Steel game.

There are also some shields, you can hide and hide there too. However, as time goes on, shields are broken one at a time, eventually no obstructions are gone.


Even if it is revived in a container, the shielding will not be restored, so if you make effective use, we will make the most of it at first.

Kill over forcefully on Continue

Even if you simply lose the beating or become dead due to a timeout, you can use & (red) { instant revival };

It is ant to select Continue when it is absolutely necessary to defeat the game because the time limit is also returned as it is with the opponent's physical strength.

The effects of mushrooms are almost invalidated

Like White Steel, most mushrooms are invalidated. Not to mention Skeletake and Yoroiutake, as well as Dokubaritake for heating up is subject to invalidation.

Since hard menstruation before battle is prohibited in the hard and nightmare, the use of mushrooms is limited during battle.

In addition, the wave used to invalidate mushrooms is enhanced.

Regardless of whether it is receiving the effects of mushrooms, enhanced versions of White Steel are blown away without asking questions when hit by wave. Basically it is better not to use mushrooms unnecessarily, because it is slight, but also receives damage.

Red and Napalm becomes transparent, it disappears at all

Red Napalm is completely transparent in optical camouflage during battle.

There are multiple methods of transparentizing, but careful movement is required because it is difficult to perfectly perceive any of them.

Transparency is done without giving any damage, but when constant damage is given it surely becomes transparent and escapes. Lapse of a fixed time · It is considered that it is a condition of transparency to receive constant damage.

▲Because it runs and escapes at the time of transparency, it is difficult to specify from the disappeared position

Transparency is automatically canceled when time elapses, but it can be forcibly canceled by giving constant damage (around 1,000). If you forcibly cancel, Red Napalm will become an opportunity to attack while on the spot for a while.

▲I am frightened for a long time so it's a great opportunity to attack!

Attack pattern of Red Napalm

The main attack of Red Napalm covers all existing firearms.

Because I will use the shotgun and rocket launcher, it is a person you can not take care of at any distance.

Shooting (Assault Rifle)

Basically it is the same as the normal assault rifle.

Since only 4 to 5 shots are shot, it is almost avoidable if you are running.


Shooting (shotgun)

It is easy to invoke when approaching.

If you are near, you will definitely receive 3 to 5 shots, so hard and nightmare is pretty bad.


Shooting (fireworks)

Orbit similar to ordinary fireworks shooter.

The power is not so high and the speed is slow, so if you are running you will almost never get hit.


Shooting (knife)

It is a blow that is difficult to avoid when the speed is high and it is injected at the stage of stopping.

Because the power is so expensive, let's run and run away while holding a gun.


Shooting (rocket launcher)

Basically we aim at this straight line, but be careful because it will be launched in an unpredictable direction occasionally.

Because the power is particularly high among attacks, try to keep running so as not to hit it. Because the attack range is wide, we are not prohibited.


Mushroom invalidation

Not only does it invalidate the effect of mushrooms but also a wave with a slight amount of damage and a blown effect.

During this action Red Napalm is crouching, but because it is no longer accepting attacks, there is no merit to approach.

If you are blown away you will not be able to escape from the subsequent attacks, so be sure to take a passive and get yourself back on track instantly even if you are prevented or skipped by a guard.


How to cut off transparency

Judgment by bullet position at attack

Even though it is made transparent, the bullet at the time of attack has not disappeared, so you can explore the enemy's location from where the bullet flew.

Since it is not impossible to specify the detailed position as long as it is directed to a camera, let's explore the position of the enemy in combination with the above "judgment by sound".

▲You can grasp the position to a certain degree by looking at the direction of bullet flying

Judgment through fence

Only at the position of the fence, it is possible to confirm the appearance of Red · Napalm thinly.

It is difficult to guide the enemy aiming, but it is easy to identify if you are luckily near the fence. When you move in a nearby water field, you hear a water sound, so Red Napalm is an indicator in the vicinity.

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Other methods

There are other methods such as shooting the assault rifle in all directions and forcibly searching for the position of the enemy.

However, because the way to attack by fumbling is also subject to attack by enemies, it is highly dangerous and can not be recommended much.

▲It helps to grasp the position when blood stains appear

* In addition, append it as soon as a valid method is found.

To defeat Red Napalm

Attack aiming at three gaps

Red Napalm has passed in White Steel, and the method that can easily beat is no longer valid.

To defeat, it is best to attack with aiming at the gap between when provoking, when reloading, and when cancellation of transparency is forced.

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▲When reloading: When fighting a gun you have a chance to attack
▲At the time of provocation: easy to understand because the gun is on the ground
▲When clearing is forcibly released: You can attack with a long margin of time

In particular, I am afraid to forcibly turn off transparency, so I want to actively target attacks even when it is transparent. Proximity attacks can not read motion Because this is a disadvantage, it is best to use a high-powered long range weapon.

On the other hand, there are few opportunities to attack safely except the above. Although there is not much damage on normal in normal, hard · nightmare wants to keep a safe walking that does not suffer attacks as much as possible because firepower is expected to rise significantly.

Anyway, in order not to be attacked by enemies it is necessary to run around, it is effective to assist stamina with a decal such as "marathon man".

Grasping the position at the time of transparency and not missing the opportunity chance are key to capture.

Goggled with mushrooms

Because some performance degraded mushrooms are out of the scope of cancellation, it is possible to defeat with goggles using these mushrooms.

You can sharpen HP considerably by attacking with mushroom firefight rise & time stop status.

Nonetheless, it is not possible to continue attack unilaterally even with this method, so we will put insurance by the mushroom revival effect.

What level and equipment are necessary to beat down?


Level that can be easily destroyed even if star 5 shooter has creeperservable (unreinforced).

If the player has reached 40F, you can defeat it with a margin.

Even for players between 21 and 30 F, if you have strengthened the equipment up to the 3 rd stage you can beat down without having to struggle greatly.


Equipment that can win at least in white steel is mandatory. It is better to think that the clear of hardness is also severe in the case of a level that can be violated.

If you do not forcibly release transparency from the relationship of enemy physical strength and attack power, the number of times of the console will increase.

Because releasing transparency with proximity weapons is too risky, it is a good idea to prepare far-range weapons that are released the fourth stage.


With weapons boasting high fire power and mushrooms, you can win with the preparedness of about one contest.

If you get used to it, you can also do no-con clear, so choose the way you can beat oneself steadily.

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