This page,Floor Boss GOTO-9 capture information is posted.

Points of GOTO-9 capture

· Since we pass through the area before the boss, stock of weapons and armor is sufficiently prepared
· "Crushroom" is effective, can be utilized if available in advance

Boss Information

Appearance floor11F MAKA-TSUTSUMI
DropCandle Wolf Green Metal

Features of GOTO-9

GOTO - 9 is easy to understand movement, enemy easy to fall down.

As you can challenge immediately after arrival at 11F, people who are confident in arms will go straight.

It is also effective to prepare the equipment first because it can also detour.

Capture point

Since GOTO - 9 is easy to read actions, let 's fight back after avoiding attacks. Basically, it will not be a problem if it moves like a countermeasure of COEN.

Avoid attacks, you can easily destroy by repeating withdrawal by putting 2 or 3 aside from the side. Action will be added when HP becomes less than half, so be careful and challenge the battle.

When you throw a red gas on your whole body, raise your attack power "Mukimukitake", GOTO - 9 predators that mushroom. If you predict, GOTO-9 will run away, crashing on the wall and fainting it will be a great opportunity to attack. If you want to beat safely, bring "Mukimukitake" in advance and try to fight.

When first seeing, it is good not to attack for a while and to look at the behavior of the enemy and remember it.

movement pattern


Attack that pushes the body to the front and pushes the body. It is easy to invoke when standing in front.

Since the range of attack is not wide, it is almost impossible to hit if you escape sideways.


Attack that jumps high on the spot, and shoots the impact to the surroundings when landing. It is easy to invoke when you are at a short distance.

If you hit, you will receive heavy damage, blown away so if you jump, immediately take a distance with a dash.

Getting busy

Stretching your tongue and shaking it to the front.

The reach is long, the range of attack is wide, but the gap is also large. If you put it aside when you activate it will be a great opportunity to attack.

Sprinkle mucous

Front The attack which spits things like mucous in a wide range.

It remains for a while on the ground, and falls when it steps into that part. If you do this behavior, try not to come near that for a while.

Predatory gas

Actions that wrap objects like red gas on the body.

When attacked in this state, it is forcibly overturned and bite. If you are bitten, you will be sharply depleted of HP with continued damage, so pay particular attention while wearing gas.

After several damage, gas will disappear after a certain period of time.

While throwing this gas, throwing a mushroom mushroom mushroom to raise offensive power, GOTO - 9 prey on that mushroom. After predation runaway, it crashes into the wall and fainting, so it will be a great opportunity to attack.

In addition, if you throw mushrooms other than "Mukimukitake", "Koshiyo Takeu" to raise defense power, etc. will not recover because it will recover the HP of GOTO - 9.

Rotation attack

It will be activated when HP becomes around 50%.

It is an attack that rushes in a state in which the body is rotated forward, and it acts twice in a row.

Even if you avoid the first rush, do not let go of anything, run two shots and run away.

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