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About Jackals


Jackals is a strong enemy who emerges after a certain time in the same hierarchy even after making annihilate the enemies of the floor

When a big sound like a siren sounds, one of the jackals appears somewhere on the floor. As time elapses, the number of members who appear second and third will increase.

LV is very high, 200, basically it is the degree of difficulty that the player who has reached the top of 41 F should challenge.;

If we succeed in defeat weapons and armor, rarely drop design drawings.

Capture method

Basically, use Mushrooms to challenge with no assumption that damage will not be received.

When challenging the jackals, we recommend a reverse spray area which can suppress the impact of weapons and weapons. Prepare one bowl of rhinoceros, make it safe to handle only with a haiter in a goatical manner.

If you destroy the enemies of the floor, let's wait for the appearance to hide behind the scenes that are hard to be found in the jackals.

After the appearance, use the long duration effect time first, then use Skeletake. Let's continue the attack unilaterally within time, paying attention to the effect time.;

When using a sniper rifle

If you set a decal and a head taker, you can aim for great damage with head shots.

We would like to prepare things of "DUKE - 13 Sniper Rifle" (strengthening third stage).

Reduction of reloading time, more efficient if multiple weapons are set to avoid damage reduction due to weapon depletion. If you shoot 4 shots, conscious of switching weapons, you can increase the number of times you can attack within the effective time of Skeletake.

On using Raging Bull

You can aim for defeat in a short time by using the decal "Raising Bull" (attack power / defense power is increased by 60% when HP is 15% or less).

Although it is necessary to reduce HP beforehand, circulation efficiency is very good because it can be destroyed by one or two shots when P decal is also repeated.

If it is discovered, if you prepare Yoroiitake as safe securing, you can aim for destruction safely.

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