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Points I would like to know first

Unlike other 4 FORCEMEN games, a lot of stage gimmicks are prepared.

Keep in mind that you may get hit by gimmicks as you move around easily, so be careful.

Even if we lose, the loss will be defeated with only the challenge cost & time over

When you lose the battle with Black Thunder, you can do the resurrection in the refrigerator with Free

Despite consumption of the equipment used, the cost for return is zero.

If it can not be defeated within the time limit, it will result in Death

Please refrain from touching gimmicks of various places!

Gimmicks prepared on all sides of the battle area are designed to receive damage when they touch them.

It is troublesome that the ground is slippery, it slides slidingly and hits the gimmick when it is blown away by enemy attack.

Also, The goal set at both ends will explode if you go inside and it will be blown to the center of the area.

Take damage, catch up while you are down, do not let go of the goal carelessly as long as you have time to take it.


These gimmicks also work on the opponent Pale Wind. As described later in the attack section, it is possible to use this gimmick to do effective damage.

Mushrooms grow in the vicinity of the goal

Besides the goals, besides muscle pearl mushrooms and cassette bamboo shoots that raise the status, explosive mushrooms such as Bokandake and Kasandake are growing.

Even if it is collected, it will be revived quite frequently, so it can be collected any number of times during battle. Pail Wind will not miss attack while mushrooms are collected, so let's recover with confidence.

* If you are already moving to attack motion, be wary of being attacked even while you collect mushrooms.


However, if HP goes down, I can not afford it I will not wait even if I pick up a mushroom. It seems better to pick up mushrooms in the early stage.

Kill over forcefully on Continue

Even if you simply lose the beating or become dead due to a timeout, you can use instant revival ;

It is ant to select Continue when it is absolutely necessary to defeat the game because the time limit is also returned as it is with the opponent's physical strength.

The effects of mushrooms are almost invalidated

Like the other 4 FORCEMEN, most mushrooms are invalidated. Not to mention Skeletake and Yoroiutake, as well as Dokubaritake for heating up is subject to invalidation.

Since hard menstruation before battle is prohibited in the hard and nightmare, the use of mushrooms is limited during battle.

Hard · Nightmare items carry-in restricted ant

In the hard · nightmare, the number of items possessed is limited.

There are five items that can be possessed, and six if Express Pass members.

PALE WIND attack pattern

Pail · window uses both short range and long range attacks.

There are few preliminary actions, so many things that are difficult to avoid since watching, so advance warning is essential.

One-hand attack

Attack that swings the weapons of both hands in order.

Approaching it will attack a total of 3 times in a row. On the way, let's not get too close because it may be derived from a two hand attack.


Two handed attack

Attack that protrudes both weapons simultaneously.

The blowing-off effect when hitting is troubling. ''

If you attack this attack, you slide on the ground, you are likely to hit the gimmick so you want to avoid the shot.


Skier shooting

A long range attack that skiers are skipped in three directions.

Although it looks modest, avoidance is subtly difficult. As it may eject three consecutive times, it is a good idea not to get too close to you during this attack.

Once you hold the weapon, stop it once and move it slightly to the left or right at the same time as launching it is easy to avoid.


Skier Bomb

An attack that shoots an explosive skier linearly when you touch it.

It is troublesome that the attack speed is fast and the explosion range is wide. If you hit it too, it will be blown away and you may touch the gimmick so I definitely want to avoid it.

There is not much meaning, but it can be avoided even by jumping.

Shock wave (Rage gauge decrease)

Attack that generates shock waves all around.

There is no damage to the shock wave itself, but when it hits it will be blown away and the rage gauge will decrease by one.

Since I will also slide on the ground if I hit it, I want to keep guard as much as possible. However, the preliminary action is small and the guard itself is difficult, so if you fail the guard, let's take passive in a hurry.


Rage Move 1

An awkward attack that strikes the kick in the wind in the front.

Almost almost impossible to avoid when there was almost no preliminary motion and stood in front. Since it is a gimmick straight course after hitting the ground, it is safer not to stand on the front of the pail window as much as possible.


Rage Zoom 2

Behavior similar to Rage Move of a motorbike running around for a certain time on a bobsleigh.

Easy to avoid if you are clockwise turning around the enemy. Rarely hit the gimmick and suicide bomb sometimes.


To defeat the PALE WIND

PALE WIND is fainted quite often compared to normal enemies and bosses.

It is good to hit with a gruel as a fourth stage weapon while you are stunned, but you can make a big deal if you can put the stunned pail / wind into the goal.


At the time of normal, by putting it in the goal, HP was able to be cut by roughly 60%. To defeat more efficiently than attack with weapons, borrow the power of Gimmick and earn a defeat for achieving the mission.

How to put the pail · window in the goal

Let's put an explosive mushroom on the stunned pail window and put it in the goal with a blow-off effect. A similar effect can be expected with some weapons and Rage Move. I want to shoot from the inside more than the blue line because there is a limit in the distance that I can blow.

▲Let's faint the enemy inside the blue line and then let it faint.

As a matter of course, the possibility of becoming a prey to Gimmick will also increase, so I want to pay more attention to enemy attacks.

Understand the stunning timing for each weapon at Hard Nightmare

The tactics that stuns even hard and nightmare into goals will not change.

Damage of gimmick has risen so much that it is not normal, so it almost dies when this once touched the goal.

Because it is very dangerous to fight near the goal, it is recommended to fight at the center of the stage at first. Let's invite the pail window to the vicinity of the goal after bringing it to where it faints by 1 or 2 more.

A certain amount of fire power is necessary to faint

In order to faint Pale wind, it seems that certain heating power is needed. Even if it continues to give low damage, it is impossible to bring it unconscious.

As a result, you can not defeat the Pail Wind with fire or multi-step attacks such as assault rifles and irons. Let's take advantage of weapons with a powerful blow.

Considering from the fire power of the Sable that can be brought into a stunning state, it is thought that damage of around 60 is necessary at minimum.

What level and equipment are necessary to beat down?


If the player has reached 40F, you can defeat it with a margin.

If you possess a weapon with a certain level of attack power you will soon faint, let's go ahead and aim for defeat.


Because the enemy 's slash tolerance is low, you can bring it to the glocky state if it is the fourth - stage weapon of slashing ability.

It can be defeated if it is put in the goal about 6 to 7 times.


Because both attack and defense power are rising, it is difficult to make it in a glocky state with most weapons.

It is also ant to raise the critical rate to the limit and to aim for the critical if the fire power up by the decal and multiple decals are complete.

Continue to the hard, Cleaver Saber is recommended.

Not to be able to be in a glocky state as well, because the attack speed is fast, it is possible to escape with a momentary spot even if the pail / wind counterattacks after the attack.

Other high fire weapons can be in a glocky state, but in order to reliably avoid the pile / window attacks Cleaver Saber is the best.

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