This page,Introducing 11F to 12F strategies.

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We will introduce the necessary points to climb from 11F to 12F.

1・Purchase Grade2 Fighter

The grade 2 fighter was released by arriving at 11 F, so let's purchase the fighter first.

As the fighter increases in performance every time the grade goes up, it will be replaced every time it is released basically.

2・Through the boss

When you arrive at 11F, you can challenge the 11F boss as it is.

Regarding here, you can go through, or you can challenge if you are confident in your player skills.

You can also go to 12F by ignoring the boss, so if you want to give priority to strengthening the equipment, head to 12F.

3・Get new materials

From 11F, material with higher rarity will fall than before 10F.

If you use this material weapons and armor can be made even stronger, let's give priority to strengthening weapons and armor rather than go ahead.

Because the enemies also use sniper rifles and the like, the chances of death increase when proceeding without strengthening armor.

4・GOTO-9 Defeat

Let's defeat the boss with reference to GOTO―9.

If equipment equals Tier2 it will never be defeated.

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