This page,Floor Boss Crowley capture information is posted.

Points of Crowley Capture

· Weapons · Armor prepared ☆ 3 things
· Weapons · Protect yourself before fighting after fully strengthening
· If you want to beat easily, prepare "Skeletake" and "Dokubaritake"

Boss Information

NameMr. Crowley
Emergence floor30 F: SAIGETSU
Drop itemsCandle Wolf Black Metal

Characteristics of Crowley

The 30 F boss, Crowley is an enemy like the enhanced version of GOTO - 9.

Although the basic movement is similar to GOTO - 9, it does not break off as it carries out the attack unique to Crowley.

☆ 2 It is very time consuming to challenge with weapons, so we recommend fighting with ☆ 3 armor.

Capture Point

In the Crowley game, after fighting with the small fish enemies at first, they move to the boss fight.

Compared to 10F train movement and 20F bomb release, it is an easy fight, but weapons equipped with enemies are cautioned for their high offensive power.

Because there is a timing of recovery before Crawley war, it is safe to take two items of HP recovery.

Small fish enemy war capture

The first female enemy warfare is highly likely to be hacked by an intruder.

Although it is a troublesome opponent, it can also aim at the match of opposing parties with high attack power. Because each individual defeat in a narrow area is difficult, let 's keep escaping until the enemies are alone by aiming at first.


Occasionally lightning strikes may fall in the area. This thunderbolt is large in damage, and it may become a fatal wound when the defense power is low. If there is a place where the ground is glowing white, let's not approach.

▲Beware of where the ground is shining white!

Fight against Crowley

As for Crowley game like GOTO - 9 's turn, it is a good idea to put in 2 hits after attack and leave.

The thing to be aware of is Crowley 's unique attack and COLOR (red) {use homing jump from the start of battle}. It is difficult to avoid jumping, so COLOR (red) {it is safe to keep running constantly before Crowley goes offensive].

Besides that, I particularly want to pay attention to dropping flame bullets and thunderbolts, which are unique to Crowley.

Flame bullets are attacks that cause explosion over a wide range when they land on the ground after injection. The attack power is also high, and if you hit directly it can not escape fatal injuries. As soon as Crowley can see the firing of the fire bullets run, run to the corner of the area and run away.

▲Let's escape with a dash to the edge of the area when you fire fire bullets!

Thunder dropping is an attack that generates a lot of thunder which fell at the time of a fighting enemy battle.

During this attack, you just have to concentrate on avoidance because you get close to Crowley and you get damage. The speed of lightning falling is fast, so avoidance can not be made in time if you use items.

During this attack, let's just think about escaping from a place where the ground glows white.


While paying attention to these two attacks, let's continue to give damage with the tactics leaving attacking after Crowley's behavior.

As HP decreases, like GOTO - 9 it will use mucilage sprinkle and spinning attacks, but if you deal with it calmly there is not much danger.

Besides that, we will also attack with fire and lightning from the two blades that arrived near the head, but this attack has little risk of getting hit if in the bosom. Even if you hit it, it will not be a big deal, so if you attack with a little shot, it will be a great opportunity to attack.


How to definitely win

If you want to win reliably, if you want to win with ease, mushrooms are effective as well as other bosses.

Let's aim for defeat with "skeletake" which can become transparent and scorpion's mushroom "Dokubaritake" which increases attack power for a certain period of time by 120%.

"Dokubaritake" increases attack power, you can easily destroy if you attack unilaterally in transparent state.

"Skeletake" is rarely available in 12 F: turmeric. "Dokubaritake" will kill scorpions at 11 F, 20 F, 30 F and collect.

movement pattern

Flame blade

Attacks waving flames wielding against the blade on the left side of the head.

The attack range is narrow, but if you are in front it is dangerous to escape to the back side or escape to the right side blade side (left side as seen from the front).

Lightning blades

Attack of thunder at the blade on the right side of the head.

The range of attack is narrow, but as it is dangerous to stay in front, escape to the back or escape to the left blade side (right side as viewed from the front).


Attack that ejects widespread flame bullets.

If you hit directly, it will be fatal, so let's escape to the area corner instantly when this attack is triggered.

Thunder dropout

An attack that drops countless thunderstorms throughout the area.

If the ground turns white, as thunder falls there, immediately leave the spot. As the power of lightning is high, avoid all thunder and avoid oiling.

When you approach Crowley during this action, let's not get close enough to avoid lightning damage by itself.

Flame, lightning radiation

Attack used when HP comes down.

Attack that radiates fire and lightning forward from blades attached to the left and right of the head. It continues to radiate for a certain period of time, and changes direction to the direction where the fighter is.

If you are in the bosom, you will not hit it unexpectedly, and even if you hit it, the damage will not be so big that it will be an opportunity to attack.


Attack that jumps high on the spot, and shoots the impact to the surroundings when landing. It is easy to invoke when you are at a short distance.

If you hit, you will receive heavy damage, blown away so if you jump, immediately take a distance with a dash.

Homing jump

An attack that fly high and falls at the position of the fighter.

After jumping, the time to fall is very short, and in many cases avoidance can not be made in time to avoid avoidance after jumping.

It is safe to keep running whenever you are away from Crowley.

Mucous sprinkling

Front The attack which spits things like mucous in a wide range.

It remains for a while on the ground, and falls when it steps into that part. If you do this behavior, try not to come near that for a while.

Rotary Attack

It will be activated when HP becomes around 50%.

Three consecutive actions are carried out by an attack rushing in a state in which the body is rotated forward.

Especially for the third time, because the trajectory is somewhat shifted, let's run without getting caught and avoid it.

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