Appearance method

Appears after 42 F, when all the enemies in the floor are annihilated.

The time of appearance is completely random, and the order of appearing jackals is not regularity.

It seems that the appearance timing of the second and third bodies from the appearance of the first body is also random.

Please be careful as it is impossible for containers!

As soon as the Jackals fight is overthrown, the game is over and impossible to use with death metal.

When dead after 42 F, the cost of rescue will not become stupid so carefully when fighting.

Worst, it is ants to escape to the upper floor if you think you can not win.

Counterattack Jackals recovered HP with poison damage

The counterattack jackals has the same effect as poisoning eater (HP recovery with poison damage), and the act of giving poison is rather negative.

Let's eliminate all elements that give poison before entering the battle with the jackals, as the poison of the inhabited snail will also be subject to recovery.

Measures to restrict carry-on of equipment

Since it will be a challenge for 42F and beyond, the number of equipment that can be brought in is 5 (express members: 7).

If it is 1 or 2 pieces of equipment that can be brought in, it will definitely get out of sight, so at the time of the challenge I would like to make use of express membership one day pass, etc. and bring in many weapons even one piece.

Also, let's insure the mushrooms with no time limit like Odangogatake by eating one before entering 42F.

Benefits of fighting in upper and lower layers

While fighting the jackal, it is easy to fight at 42F immediately, but there are merits to fight at the upper layer.

Benefits of fighting at the lower levelBenefits of fighting at the upper level
Easy challenge to fight immediately at 42F
·Maintain durability value of weapons and armor with high numerical value
·With direct injection, you can replenish weapons and armor
·Mushrooms and abundant animals Can be secured

Since the HP of Jackals is quite large, it is very important to replenish the equipment with direct injection and to secure recovery means by securing golden animals. Nonetheless, it takes a considerable amount of time to fight on the upper level, and the mental fatigue is large because the probability of winning is never high.

General Jackals strategy

First of all, it is better to think that it is almost impossible to defeat the first person before the second person appears.

Therefore, battle in a wide and walled place where you can go around with multiple people is the best. If you have a field that can go round and round, you can easily go around even with three people.

Also, because there is absolutely insufficient firepower, let's make maximum use of the fire-up type decal.

Order to be knocked down

It is best to defeat the Jackal Y that will launch a long range attack with the highest priority.

When X, Z appear first, sharpen HP as much as possible, then decide which one to fall first with Y. If you can beat in a few more shots, it is also ants to oppose X, Z at the position not hit by the jackal blaster.

Jackal X strategy method

Immediately after the enemy 's attack ended, the timing of inserting the attack.

Since it does not attack unless it approaches, it needs to approach near and induce an attack.

You can quickly damage it by going down with Rajigenubu of Machete and then hitting with a powerful weapon.

Active weapons

Hockey sticks, such as horseback ridiculous, can get frightened, it is easy to attack with stability.

Rage Move etc of Machete etc can get frightened, so it is also ant to use Rage Move with the weapon dropped by the enemy.

Jackal Y capture method

The attack of the jackal blaster is hard to hit by avoiding at Dodge. However, because stamina consumption is intense, many use is strictly prohibited.

In both single and multiple warfare, I want to secure a point where there is a shielding that can hide from the blaster when Jackal Y appears. By triggering attacks and hiding in shields it is possible to minimize the risk of hit.

The attack opportunity is only reload timing, but it is quite difficult to take distance once again after approaching and putting one blow. Even if you can attack it, you need a considerable stamina in order to escape with no damage from there.

Basically it is safe to hide in shields to avoid bullets, only to attack during reloading style.

It is safer to shred HP by using assault rifles, sniper rifles, Raging Move of weapons picked up.

Active weapons

It is safe to attack with an assault rifle or a sniper rifle with less stamina consumption.

Battle with melee weapons is high risk, so those who brought it to far warfare are less susceptible to damage.

Jackal Z Capture Method

Because the attack itself is simple, avoid one shot, induce two shots and turn sideways to attack.

Jackal Yo-yo has a hit judgment when coming back, so it's dangerous to set off an attack near the front. Since there are enough opportunities to attack, let's settle down after calmly turning sideways.

Active weapons

Hockey sticks, such as horseback ridiculous, can get frightened, it is easy to attack with stability.

Rage Move etc of Machete etc can get frightened, so it is also ant to use Rage Move with the weapon dropped by the enemy.

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