This page,It explains the operation method.

In version STEAM, you can choose two operations, game pad and keyboard.

The operation method at the game pad can be set from the configuration screen.

Operation overview

Advance forward

Push W Key.

Proceed left

Push A Key.

Proceed light

Push D Key

Move backwards

Push S Key.

Open the menu

Push R Key.


Push SPACE Key.


Guard with the Q Key in a stopped state.

Avoid with the Q key while moving.

Open the map

Push M Key.

Attack with the left weapon

Push Y Key.

Push U Key to become sub Atack.

Attack with the light weapon

Push O Key.

Push I Key to become sub Atack.

Switch left weapon

Push 1 Key.

Switch light weapon

Push 2 Key.

Decision, go to the next floor

Push F Key.

Run, crouch

Push ctrl Key.

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