Points of Jackson strategy

· 3 to 4 weapons prepared because there are many boss's HP
· Mushrooms that can become transparent "Skeletake" is effective
· Together with "Skeletake" scorpion's mushroom "Dokubaritake" is also a powerful

Boss Information

NameColonel Jackson
Emergence Floor20 F: HACHIYANMA
Drop itemsWar Ensemble Green Metal

Features of Jackson

As for the boss game of 20 F, special stage is prepared before the boss warf like 10 F.

In the case of 20 F, it is necessary to stop three detonators within the time limit. If the detonator can not be stopped within the time, the game will be over on the spot.

In the case of a container, the time limit can be increased and redoing is possible. In this case, the initiator already stopped is stopped.

Capture Point

Many enemies also appeared even in the event of stopping the detonator in the first half, and additionally the HP of the boss is also very high. Ideal for fighting after having prepared several mushrooms that will become effective as well as a sufficient stock of weapon armor.

● Effective mushrooms · Kerotake (available when frog is trampled down) · Skeletake · Copy Take · Dokubaritake

How to exploit the detonation stop

Three detonators are often installed at separate points. Do not search nearby if you release one, it would be better to explore distant places such as the opposite direction.

As you approach the detonator you will hear an audible alarm. As this sound approaches the detonator, it gets bigger and closer, so let's find out the detonator with this sound.

Safe release with mushrooms

When releasing the detonation, use mushrooms to safely release it.

Even if a detonator is discovered, it can not be released immediately. It is canceled for the first time by holding down the button for a certain time x.

▲Long press X button until orange gauge turns white

In the meantime, if you receive an attack from the enemy, the cancellation of the detonation will be interrupted. You may wipe out enemies in the surroundings, but there is a risk of timeout if you take time.

The sure thing is to use mushrooms to defeat the enemy's attention, disqualify yourself from frightening and others.

With this method it is possible to detonate detonation safely without taking time.

▲If the enemy is chasing you use mushrooms without hesitation!

Take everything and go to Boss match

After stopping three detonators, if you go near Jackson in the center of the area, you will move to boss fight.

Before that, prepare for HP recovery and switching equipment.

However, care must be taken not to suffer unnecessary damage because surrounding fish enemies are healthy until entering the boss fight. Avoid inadvertent battles and head to the boss.

Jackson cheats

Jackson is an enemy whose fighting at 16 F JIN―DIE was further enhanced. Let's act on the basis of movement in the basic stumbling, fighting way JIN―DIE.

There are many obstacles in the area, but Jackson's warp tip is usually a place without shielding. It is necessary to wait patiently to come closer while avoiding enemy attacks or come to a position where attacks can be carried out reliably.

It is dangerous not only to get close to approaching but also to go out from the shield, so if you move basically move it and move.

▲When approaching and approaching, it is important to determine the timing at which the attack ends

Or, as with Jindai, it is effective to get close to becoming transparent with "skeletakake", or to distract attention with "copitake". When using "copillator", let 's install it in the shadow of the shield so that it will not be destroyed immediately.

Jackson also moves to a collapsed building that can not be approached unless you climb the stairs. In such buildings there are few obstacles and it is difficult to get close to safety. Wait until you come down to the bottom, or wait at the warp tip and attack.

▲If Jackson is in the back, wait around the warp destination
▲Attack at the moment of warping!

How to definitely win

Let's gather mushrooms over time, if we strengthen weapon armor but can not win.

Prepare 3 to 5 pieces of scorpion's mushroom "Dokubaritake", which can be made transparent, and scorpion's mushrooms increased by 120% for a certain period of time.

Since it can make an attack unilaterally while it is transparent, let 's attack it with increased attack power with "Dokubaritake".

"Skeletake" is rarely available in 12 F: turmeric. "Dokubaritake" will kill scorpions at 11 F, 20 F and collect.

movement pattern


Like JIN - DIE, the main means of travel to use.

After disappearing as it melts on the ground, it reappears from another place. When you are seen, you are often taken behind.

bullet injection

Attacks that bullets are ejected at high speed.

It is dangerous to stop as soon as it is discovered because it will be injected immediately after discovering it.

There is no chance of getting hit if you are running, but it is troublesome that there is a high possibility of getting damaged continuously if you hit it even once.

The fear time after hit is long, and it is difficult to get out if a bullet is ejected again in the meantime. If you can not avoid it immediately, it may be damaged 4 to 5 times in a row continuously, so I want to avoid it certainly.

Bomb ejection

Bomb injection that extensively explodes.

If you hit directly, you will get huge damage, so I would like to never hit it.

3 Because it is sometimes injected in a row, avoid it by running, or immediately hide behind obstacles.

Electric shock bullet

A bullet with high inductivity that causes electric shock when it detonates.

Dengeki spread widely and penetrate the wall, so there is a possibility that it will hit even if it is hidden by a shield. Let's keep enough distance even if you hit the wall and detonate it.

Feed through laser

Laser penetrating the shield.

The power itself is not high, but it is highly likely that you will not be able to avoid the next attack as you fall down.

Mine sprinkle

Behavior to bulk large amounts of landmines around himself.

Processing approaching and processing itself is dangerous, so it is a good idea to hide until you warp when mine is scattered.

Missile injection

Attack that massively injects missiles with high speed and inductivity.

Regarding this attack, even if you are running you may get caught in a blast, so be careful in the direction of running. Rather than running as close as possible to Jackson, it is difficult to avoid certainly if you can not go through the side.

Muddy stream

An attack that launches a muddy stream like a laser for a long time in a linear manner.

Once it hits, it is difficult to get out until the attack is over, durability value of armor is also greatly reduced as well as HP reduction.

However, if you can avoid it, it will be unprotected during the attack so it's a great counterattack opportunity.

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