This page,Introducing 52F~ strategies.

Getting to 51F

51F can enter from 50F.

Players who have reached 50 F before maintenance on 2 July should climb again to 50 F. If you turn on the power with 51F, you will be able to go straight to 51F with elevator after that.

Because opening of the injection rate makes it easier to capture after 42 F than before, it does not get too bad.


Add a new quest as well

When it reaches 51F, the new quest is also released.

Before you challenge 51F, be sure to accept orders for quests. When you achieve the quest that climbs up to 100 F, you can get a design drawing of "the god of death god".

It is good to challenge after setting weapons / armor to +5

Equipment at the fourth stage + 5 of concurrent implementation does not raise the value significantly, but the durability value increases several times.

It is safe to strengthen to +5 in the beginning and challenge after preparing the equipment.

However, ☆ 6 Attackers and others may not be able to fulfill armor's requirement HP, so be careful.

For a while, proceed with something other than an attacker, or raise the upper limit of the attacker's HP beforehand and develop the equipment.

Bring restricted limits to death bag

As with 42 F and beyond, the number of items that can be possessed is limited.

As with the 42F limit, you can bring in usually 5 pieces, usually 7 members for express members.

New items "Bradonium" and "Desteroid" are available


Items to strengthen the fighter, "Bradonium" and "Desteroid" will be available from 52F.

In addition to the fighter parameter upper limit release (from the lowest value 25 to the maximum value 30?), It is possible to expand the decal frame and increase the desktop limit.

How the enemy becomes stronger as the floor goes up

From 51 F onwards, only Hayter appears like 42 F and beyond.

At the beginning, only enemies that are not strong are appeared, but assault rifles are increasingly blatant from around 70 F. On 80 F onwards, the electric shock massager, the medusa's neck, the crossbow, the assault rifle and the on parade of disgusting weapons.

Assault rifle, Sniper rifle It is recommended to unilaterally attack from long distance.

Boss area set for every 5F

After 51 F, boss appears every 5 F.

The boss that appears is probably random, checking the following 6 patterns.

·Battle pit (in a cage)
·Battle pit (whole field)

In addition to the case that you can get the steroid and the rare metal when you win the boss, it seems that mushroom juice for direct injection · hernia · return is also prepared, so you can choose the option to replenish the equipment every 5F and return it can.


Acquire Bradonium according to reaching floor

When you return to the waiting room from 51F onwards, you can earn bradnium according to the cumulative score.

If you climb up, it is the mechanism that you can acquire Bradonium. However, it is very inefficient to proceed beyond 100 F, so if you are aiming for Bradonium it is better to use other methods.

Material information

From 52F, ☆ 6 material such as special steel is confirmed.

Since "Candle · Wolf 's rare metal orange" dropped at 80 F, ☆ 7 material is more likely to have higher drop rate as going up the hierarchy.

Besides that, we have confirmed new materials in 70F and beyond.

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