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Points of U-10 capture

· Weapons ☆ 3 Maximum reinforcement and pick up ☆ 4 items picked up
· Skeletake, Mikiritake, Yoroi It is easy to defeat if there is
· Because it is a new boss, if you do not use mushrooms, first grasp the behavior pattern

Boss Information

Appearance floor32F KATSUMA
DropM.I.L.K. Red Metal
▲Before the Boss Area

Features of U-10

The U - 10 that appears in 32F is a new boss that makes a completely different movement from the boss that appeared so far. When fighting without mushrooms, let's start with grasping movement first.

The attack power is high, but the defense power is considerably lower than the other bosses. It is possible to beat relatively easily by preparing a high-powered weapon.

Capture point

U-10 The biggest threat is that the battle area to fight is extremely narrow. Switching weapons and armor, there is little even a margin to eat mushrooms.

Before entering the area where the boss is, prepare everything and challenge the battle.

Even if attacking the tail part of the U - 10, damage will be invalidated. Only the tip part of the tail or the body part can do damage. The part of the tail is hard to target, but the defensive power is also low, so let's attack the tip of the tail if you aim for short term settlement.

Like other bosses when attacking, the method of giving one or two emissions after boss's action is stable.

movement pattern


An attack that radiates a red laser from the tip of the tail.

I will set the aim until just before launch, so I will run if the tail glows red and keep running away. It is easy to avoid by pressing the avoidance button just before launch.


Attack that jumps high on the spot, and shoots the impact to the surroundings when landing. It is easy to invoke when you are at a short distance.

If you hit, you will receive heavy damage, blown away so if you jump, immediately take a distance with a dash.

Tail swinging around

Activated when it is near U - 10.

Attack that swings the tail forward a lot. Let's hurry back down to the back of the U-10 in order to hit the front surely.


Attack that kicks while moving at high speed.

Because the attack distance extends from the edge of the area to the edge, when preparing to get away from the U - 10, prepare to escape always.

It is easy to avoid this also by pushing the avoidance button before hitting it.

Reversion attack

The U - 10 may cause the body to burn with constant damage and escape to drag the body to the ground.

At this time, it is also an offense opportunity, but when you get over it will attack you attacking the tail. If you are not careful, you will get huge damage, so let 's take a distance after the fire has gone away for a while.


Attack keeping running within the area for a certain period of time.

Because it is difficult to read the trajectory and the damage is large, it is safe to guard on the spot if you activate it or to escape to the edge of the area and guard it.

Tail attack

Attack that leaps the tail from the ground and swings around.

During this attack, the body of the U - 10 can not move because the tail is embedded in the ground.

If you are running it will never get hit, so let's attack if there is room.

Beat on the tail

Attack attacking the tail part toward the front.

Let's never stop hitting the enemy because it is unlikely that you will hit if you keep moving.

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