Event Period: 6/31/2019 (post maintenance) – 8/30/2019 2:59 (PDT)

Welcome New Player!

Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback I’ve received, I have decided to extend the availability of the Welcome Bonuses that were available to new players during the 5 Million Downloads Celebration Event!

That’s right, dude! Throughout the event period, all players who register a new LET IT DIE account on either PlayStation? 4 or Steam (PC) will receive the items listed below! If you’ve been waiting to join the fun – or know someone who should – now is a great time to begin your conquest of the Tower of Barbs!

All players who register a new account during the event period will receive the following Welcome Bonuses:

  • KAMAS-A1 Assault Rifle blueprint
  • Death Metal x 20
  • 40,000 Kill Coins x 5
  • Golden Bird x 5
  • 1-Day Express Pass x 5
  • Vampire Skill Decal (normal) x 1
  • One Shot One Kill Skill Decal (normal) x 1
  • Barbarian Skill Decal (normal) x 1
  • 5_Mil_Downloads_Items_for_New_Users

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