Event Period: 1/6/2020 (Post Maintenance) – 3/1/2020 (Maintenance)

The winter winds are once again slicing through the Tower of Barbs, and with them come some unique mushrooms!

1. Special Snowcap Mushrooms appear in the Tower of Barbs!

Event Period: 1/6/2020 (Post Maintenance) – 2/27/2020 02:00 (PST)

During the event period, “Bronze Snowcap”, “Silver Snowcap”, and “Golden Snowcap” mushrooms will appear in the Tower of Barbs! These unique, seasonal ‘shrooms restore some weapon and equipment durability when eaten. A mysterious (yet extremely helpful) effect indeed!


2. Special Winter Quests Available!

Event Period: 1/7/2020 (Post Maintenance) – 3/1/2020 (Maintenance)

During the event period, you can take on special quests that will reward you for collecting Snowcaps!

Quest ConditionsReward (first time only)Repeat Reward
Collect 20 Bronze SnowcapGuardshroom x 3500 Kill Coins
Collect 10 Silver SnowcapDeath Metal x 5500 Kill Coins
Collect 5 Golden SnowcapLost Bag (Rainbow) x 1500 Kill Coins

How to accept quests:

By entering the Vanishing Point (the fountain) in the middle of your Waiting Room, you will be transported to the HATED ARCADE. There, by talking to Naomi Detox, you can accept quests from the device next to her. You can also accept quests by using the SUPER SCOPE 703 in your Waiting Room.

It is possible to accept up to 10 quests at a time. A quest will remain accepted until it is completed, canceled, or the event period ends. To remain eligible for quest rewards you must complete all quest conditions before the event period ends and without canceling the quest.

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